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Sykes’ monkeys were named after English naturalist Colonel William Henry Sykes,they are also known as the white-throated monkey or Samango monkey. They love forest canopies to help shield them from the sun and predators; and they do not often reach the ground because they love the shade of the tall trees. The trees are safe for them.

Sykes monkeys have an average life span of around 27 years in the wild. They can range from 50 to 70cm in body length the males can weigh between 6-9kg and females 3-6kg. Majority of their co louring is grey, but they do have a blackish tail, limbs and shoulders with some chest-nut patches on their back and face. They have a white chin and throat and a white ruff that extends around part of their neck. They have gorgeous brown/orange eyes with a slightly large squashed nose.

Unlike the colobus Sykes eat a wide range of foods and are omnivorous and opportunistic; especially when it comes to unsuspecting tourists. Their main diet is shoots, fruits, leaves, flowers and berries, but they do also consume eggs, insects and any human food they can get their hands on.

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