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The programme that has the potential to place Ngong Road Forest firmly in the broader consciousness of Nairobi is the recreation programme.

The restorative effects of walking, running and being out in the open air are well- documented. Once Ngong Road Forest is safe, the existing network of trails will be cleared and expanded for walking, jogging and cycling. Nature trails and animal and bird watching circuits will be set out, so too will access to sacred trees, groves and shrines. These will be quiet spaces for reflection served by modern, clean facilities, including toilets, benches, water fountains, bird and animal hides, and a lakeside café.

The forest has great potential for a whole range of recreational activities – from woodland concerts, to a monkey watching programme and competitive running events. The Ngong Race Course dam and the two Miotoni dams can be used for sport fishing for Tilapia and Barbus. All these activities provide scope for an entrance fee, as already practiced in other urban forests and parks, helping Ngong Road Forest become self- sustaining.

Visitor numbers will be carefully studied and extrapolated to ensure the forest can support ecotourism numbers. Clear guidelines and codes of conduct will also be developed to ensure visitors are fully versed in the ways of the forest.

Potential forest activities:



Ngong Road Forest

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about visiting, find our contacts below. You can message us through Email / Facebook / Instagram 

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